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Canon G1X update – what I really hate about this camera
Manta Ray Video This is a quick post, providing an update to my earlier post Canon G1X First Thoughts. I really hate the color shifts that occurs in videos made with the G1X. The quality of the video itself is good I guess, at least I’m impressed that this little camera provides 1080-HD movies. However, in more difficult light conditions the video has some flaws, as illustrated by the embedded youtube video (full-HD version is available!).

The problem is that the camera does not handle the white balance well in video mode. As explained earlier, I bought the camera for use underwater (speaking of difficult light conditions!). In below video, pay attention to positions 22, 30 en 38 seconds where the color shifts occur.

Full video on YouTube here.

Please note that the camera was set to a specific white-balance; auto-white balance was off. It seems that as soon as the camera needs to cope with different lighting situation, it also automatically tries to improve the white balance, with the disastrous effects as shown in the video. Now I need to find a way to color-correct video dynamically throughout the video. New challenges ahead I’m afraid. If someone has a quick-tip to color correct the above video, then I would appreciate that very much. Please leave a comment in the blog or send me a private message.

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