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Canon G1X update – what I really hate about this camera
Manta Ray Video This is a quick post, providing an update to my earlier post Canon G1X First Thoughts. I really hate the color shifts that occurs in videos made with the G1X. The quality of the video itself is good I guess, at least I’m impressed that this little camera provides 1080-HD movies. However, in more difficult light conditions the video has some flaws, as illustrated by the embedded youtube video (full-HD version is available!).
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Canon G1X arrived – first thoughts
Canon G1X Since 5 hours I’m a lucky (?) owner of the new Canon G1X camera as a successor to my IXUS 980IS. I used the Canon 980IS primarily with an Ikelite underwater housing as my underwater camera. Here are my first thoughts.
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Cleaning and maintenance
colorful dust I had to do some cleaning and equipment maintenance. So I thought, why not mix business with pleasure and take some pictures along the process. Read along to see the back story of this picture.
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Image sharpness: how to take a razor sharp photo
sharpness - back-focus test Lately I’ve been reading a lot about image sharpness and did some experiments. When I took my first pictures some 20 years ago on a pocket camera even a 10*15 cm print wasn’t sharp. Today my equipment has improved a lot and people are impressed by the 50*75cm and 70*100cm enlargements.
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Equipment: old minolta analog camera on DIY beanbag I took my first photos with a cheap analog compact camera. There was no way in taking a technically good picture. When I wanted to visit New Zealand I decided to move to an analog SLR. From that moment onward, I went on a journey of continuously improving my photo gear.
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how to safely store your photographs
pile of photos Many photographers take thousands of photos. Obviously you want to keep them. But are your photo’s really safe?
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