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Equipment: old minolta analog camera on DIY beanbag I took my first photos with a cheap analog compact camera. There was no way in taking a technically good picture. When I wanted to visit New Zealand I decided to move to an analog SLR. From that moment onward, I went on a journey of continuously improving my photo gear.


My first lenses were a 28-80 Cosina and 70-210 Cosina. These provided decent images, at least for the money paid for them.

During the trip to New Zealand I noticed that I had most fun in shooting animals. As a result, these pictures were more pleasing than others. From that moment onward, I specialized in taking Wildlife pictures. The first upgrade was to invest in a big tele-lens. After searching for a long time, I decided to buy the Sigma 170-500mm telephoto lens. This was a relatively cheap lens and provides good quality results. Pictures taken with this lens are sellable. The majority of my pictures are taken with this lens.

Next improvement was to invest in a pro-level short-to-medium zoom lens. I had noticed that I needed a wider than 28mm lens. I decided to buy the Sigma 24-70 EX DG lens. Very nice lens with good optics. Downside of this lens is that it has broken 2 times already. First time the zooming mechanism was completely stuck. The second time it was not possible to focus under 1 meter. Sigma  fixed it (expensively 🙁 ). The second repair took several months. Bad service for a pro-level EX lens.

Recently I bought a 1:1 macro lens. I have considered buying the 105mm Sigma but the reviews (and to a less extend the quality issues of the Sigma 24-70) convinced me to buy the Tamron 90mm.

Camera Body

Currently I am using the Alpha 850 full frame, 24,6 mpixel. Yes, I’m very happy and even proud to have one! Definitely recommended.


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