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Homepage of WDS
WildestDreams FS4000US Scan Application

Help page for the WDS Scan Application: "Scan" tab

This tab contains all data that needs to be changed after each scan.

Printscreen of tab: Scan

Options of tab: Scan
Medium: Not much to choose from yet...only color slides are supported (although it might be possible to tweak the settings to get great negative / monochrome scans)
Image Composition: Currently only 42bits scans are supported.
IR Scan: Currently we will always scan the IR data, turing Processing phase you can determine for yourself to get rid of it.
DPI: The scanner supports 500, 1000, 2000 and 4000 DPI scans (from which the lower-DPI scans might be an itnerpolation of a 4000 DPI scan). Select the DPI you want to scan at.
Frames: Currently only the filmstripholder is supported. Check the images that you want to scan.
Image Desc.:
These are some textfields that will be stored in the final TIFF file as tags.
Directory: This defines the root directory where scans will be stored.
File Prefix: Scans will be stored in a directory with this name. The scan filename will be composed by this name, to which a number is added (starting with 1).

Example: using the settings above, which indicates we are scanning the 17th roll of the trip to kenya. The file will be saved in: