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Homepage of WDS
WildestDreams FS4000US Scan Application

Help page for the WDS Scan Application: "Settings" tab

This page allows you to indicate the scanner to WDS.

Printscreen of tab: Settings

Options of tab: Settings
Scanner ID: You need to specify the Logical Name for this scanner. Probably this default is OK, however it is wise to make sure:
	1. Click Start - Control Panel 
	2. Double-click on Scanners and Cameras 
	3. If the FS4000US is not in the list, then 
	   the scanner is probably turned off. 
	     3a. Power-on the FS4000US if required. 
	     3b. For SCSI users: instruct Windows to detect the scanner: 
		       - Click Start - Add Hardware 
		       - Click Next 
		       - Click Cancel 
	4. The scanner should be in the list by now. 
	5. Right-click on the FS4000US and select Properties. 
	6. Windows will inidate the logical name of the scanner. This 
	   ID must be entered in this field 

Logfile: Choose any filename that will containt the logfile for WDS, this might be useful to troubleshoot WDS
Logviewer: Specify the full path to your favorite text editor to have easy access to the logfile